A History of FTMBC

The History of Freeman Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church is a rich history that dates back more than 140 years. Prior to emancipation, however, the black people in Moulton didn’t enjoy the luxury of worshipping freely. The white plantation owners at Moulton Baptist Church preached to the black people and all they talked about was how the Bible said blacks should be good servants and obey the master. The Civil War ended these teachings. Blacks in Moulton, however, continued to worship at the white Moulton Baptist Church. But that changed on July 25, 1869, when blacks requested and were granted their letter of dismissal from the white Baptist Church. Isaac N. Owens, a prominent white citizen in Moulton, gave land for the “Colored Baptist and Methodist Church.” According to the deed, the lot was to be used for a schoolhouse and church. For a short time, the Baptist and Methodist worshiped together. But the Baptist was apparently not satisfied with the agreement. On January 3, 1874, Deacons King Crayton, George Pruitt, Tandy Crayton and Ben Warren paid $50 to John Pruitt for the five-acre lot where Freeman Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church is today. In the beginning, the old frame building was called Colored Baptist Church. The church was led by several pastors until John Harrison Freeman arrived in Moulton sometime between 1870 and 1880. He served in every capacity at the church, but was named its pastor in 1898. Freeman was the oldest child of George and LeAnna Freeman. He was born a slave in Tuscaloosa County on October 25, 1862. Freeman’s father died when he was young. He became the leader of the family. When the first church fell into disrepair, Freeman started construction of a new church in 1929. The church was built with free labor and completed in 1930. The cornerstone was laid in 1942. Sadly, Rev. Freeman died before the cornerstone was laid. On May 14, 1933, he died at his home. The church he pastured for 35 years was named in his honor. Freeman helped also to form Oakville Baptist Church. On June 9, 1890, Freeman, J.S. Owens, Calvin Owens, and A.W. Griffin purchased land for Oakville Baptist Church. Freeman was ordained as a minister in 1891. In the early part of the 20th century, he was pastor at the Moulton Church and at Town Creek No. 1 Baptist Church in Landersville. He preached every other Sunday at each church. When Freeman was at the church in Landersville, blacks in Moulton attended services at Smith Chapel C.M.E. Church. The membership at Freeman Tabernacle Church held an interest in Smith Chapel until 1970 when the congregation granted deacons permission to deed that interest away. Following Freeman’s death in 1933, a series of pastors led the church. They included Revs. Q. T Miles; W.J. Wilson; E.D. Hildreth; and Rev. J.S. Kelly. During a special conference in 1968, the congregation hired Rev. Horace N. Snodgrass to replace Kelly. His tenure lasted 40 years, the longest of any pastor in Freeman Tabernacle’s celebrated history. He faithfully drove the 78-mile round trip from Huntsville until his retirement on April 13, 2008. H.N. Snodgrass grew the congregation from 100 to 300 members. He proposed and led fundraising efforts for the church’s educational wing. He was also on the frontline when the church was renovated almost 20 years ago. In October 1976, his idea for the first printed history of the church was published. Two years before that, H.N. Snodgrass reached out to white Moulton Baptist Church for a joint service to celebrate the historical ties of the churches. His son, Jonathan, who for several years was associate pastor, replaced him as pastor. Jonathan, a third-generation pastor in the Snodgrass family, followed in his father’s footsteps for almost four years. After his resignation, the congregation selected Rev. Timothy L. Perryman as its pastor in June 2013. Under Pastor Perryman the church continues to grow spiritually as well as numerically. In 2017 under the leadership of Pastor Perryman, Freeman added an additional paved parking lot with lighting. Freeman continues to evolve, in 2018 security surveillance cameras with video monitoring were added for the protection and safety of the congregation. TV monitors were also added to the sanctuary to aid in the spiritual growth and education of our congregation. Through the years, Freeman Tabernacle has been a school, voting place and community center. But most importantly, it has been the place where blacks could sing, shout, pray and worship the Lord freely.

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